Resumes Shooting You In The Foot? 5 Absolutely Must Do’s!

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Resumes are tricky. We put a lot of expectations on them. They’re supposed to find you a job. But if you’ve been getting disappointing results, your resumes could be shooting you in the foot!

Are you using a bio-action format? If you’re not, your resumes could be causing you problems. So what are bio-action resumes?

…the focal point of a resume writing format must be to respond to the needs and expectations of the employer.

Well, let’s look at it this way. A traditional job search format is passive at the very time when employers are looking for someone who can demonstrate they are proactive. It’s one of the many job search changes that have occurred in the 21st Century that must be reflected in your resumes.

For example, employers today want to find a candidate who

  • Understands the organization.
  • Can show how to make a difference.
  • Can demonstrate quantifiable contributions.
  • Isn’t afraid to ask for a job.
  • Knows how to cut a deal.

From this you can see that the focal point of a resume writing format must be to respond to the needs and expectations of the employer. The job seeker’s personal information and their work history are of secondary importance.

This is what we mean by a bio-action resume format.

So, to meet the expectations of an employer, here’s how your bio-action resume format should look:

  1. Resumes are initially scanned (not closely read) in less than 50 seconds. Something about you either attracts attention in that timeframe or your resume is trashed.
  2. Your resume must have an attention-grabbing headline . . . a quick summation of what you have to offer.
  3. Do NOT write some self-serving objective statement. An employer could care less what you want to get out of this for your self. He/she is interested exclusively in what you can do to make the bottom line look better.
  4. DO write a short summary statement saying very directly what assets, capabilities and strengths you bring to the table that can make a difference to the organization you’re interested in.
  5. Keep your resume brief and impactual. One page is best. But never more than two pages. No long-winded recitation of your past accomplishments. Employers want to know how your achievements can make a difference to their needs. So tell them . . . and use quantifiable results to do it.

If you rely on the old-fashioned methods of finding a job, you’ll be disappointed. While it’s true that you won’t be hired on the basis of a resume, on those occasions where it’s important to have a resume, you want to make sure you use a bio-action resume writing format!

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