I have been associated with Randy’s Steel-Link for more than 10 years. It is one of the finest tools for detailers and fabricators in existence and Randy has done an excellent job of administering and maintaining it’s high level of service.

Ronald Yeager – Owner, Steel-Art, Inc

Steel-Link is a valuable resource for all who are in the steel detailing and steel fabrication business. Randy’s site has been a leader in the industry and there is no other resource quite like it for our profession. I am sure the task he undertook in developing the Steel-Link site, at times seemed thankless, but we at Cartee-Berry are thankful that he has persevered and continued the good work of bringing the steel industry together to share information and ideas.

Hal Cartee – President/Owner at Cartee-Berry & Associates, LLC

Randy is the founder of Steel-Link.com, a long standing internet community for steel detailing professionals. Steel-Link.com has opened up the doors to connecting many steel professionals in finding jobs, answering questions, and networking on projects. It has been a key area for me in my career as a steel professional. I recommend Randy for his networking capability and knowledge of the structural steel market.

Chris Keyack – Technical Director at ARE11

I have been a member of Randy’s Steel-Link group since 1996. The connections I have made (all around the world) have helped advance my knowledge in steel detailing Without Steel-Link, I probably wouldn’t have all the skills that have allowed me to become confident enough to live/work in many countries and gain a wider range of experience.

Peter Officer – Structural Steel Detailer

Randy has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and never hesitates to share it with all who ask for his assistance. He always strives to produce the highest quality work possible without cutting any corners. He is a true asset to the field.

Nick Andrews, PE – Engineering Program Manager at HFS Company

Since 1995 with the establishment of Steel-Link.com, Randy has worked to ensure an open line of communication between steel detailers and he is a good miscellaneous detailer.

Davis Parsons – Engineering Manager at Irwin Steel LLC

I’ve know Randy professionally and personally since first meeting on the steel-link.com forums in 2004. Randy is a consummate professional, with a very concise yet calming approach to problem solving. These qualities have helped to shape Randy into the kind of person I would be proud to work for, or with.

Ron Heigh – Virtual Design & Construction Manager at Supreme Group LP

Randy you are providing a critical service for the structural steel industry. Please keep up the good work.

Juergen Gohlke – Estimator Structural & Misc. Steel

I have only been a part of the Steel Link community for a couple of years but in those couple of years, I have found that it to be a superlative resource and Randy does an outstanding job. Steel Links is highly informative and a must have connection to stay in touch in the steel industry.

Jamie Underwood – President/JKU Detailing, LLC